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The event is a weekend getaway
taking you on a journey to explore your definition of balance


From the moment you arrive your culinary senses will be on high. You will meet and learn from local farmers, foragers and beverage experts and work with top wellness and fitness experts.


brands, fitness instructors, and food & beverage experts

from past Fit & Feast events


Fit & Feast

Sample Schedule

Tour a sample Weekend at an official Fit & Feast event.


Day 1

Arrive, meet new friends, and begin to feast 

Check in, settle into your room, unpack, and enjoy a delicious group meal.


Day 2

Rise and Shine

With morning meditation and exploring the locale with a hike or paddle board session

Farm fresh lunch

& discussion with farmers and nutritionist

Break a sweat

With some high intensity interval training (HIIT)


The afternoon will call for some downtime before our chefs and mixologists dive deep into your senses and tastebuds



Day 3

Wake up

For a local breakfast that will give you the fuel for your morning workouts

One more farm fresh lunch

Before heading home