Justin Sutherland: Somewhere in Time Farm


Somewhere In Time Farm is a bio-intensive organic vegetable farm owned and operated by Justin Sutherland, his family, and friends. Justin revived his ancestors livestock and potato farm from the early 1900s, and created the farm in the spring of 2016 growing 36 types of “the best tasting vegetables in the Catskills.” They are known for their exceptional flavor, which is brought out through their soil health, permaculture practices, and the clean water and fresh air of the Catskill Mountains. 

Justin is also a musician, attending Ithaca Colleges’ Music Conservatory and Northeastern University. He writes piano compositions and also performs at local venues throughout the Catskills. “I find that there is a balance and deep connection between farming and music; they are both creative and keep your mind constantly moving, which turns into this beautiful product that elevates your senses.”